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Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

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Subject:Council Minutes 042511

Council Meeting Minutes April 25th, 2011


I.              Call to Order -

The regular meeting of the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College was called to order at 3:05 PM on April 25th, 2011 in the West Wing Multi-Purpose Room by Greg Taylor.


II.            Roll Call -


Greg Taylor, President

VACANT, Vice President of Communications & Records

David Quinton, Vice President of Finance

Mohammad Ikram Khan, Senator of Advocacy & Outreach

Jeremy West, Senator of Advocacy & Outreach

Andrew Bolton, Senator of Legislative Affairs

Kameron Covall, Senator of Promotions

VACANT, Senator of Community & Academic Affairs

Cal Erwin-Svoboda, Advisor





                  Becca Martin

      Jayme Rudloff

                  Derrick Hall, Vets Club

                  Ron Waterhouse

                  Sherie Willan

                  Kelly Schaffert



III.           Changes to the Agenda -

Andrew motioned to approve the agenda pending the changes stated.

Jeremy 2nd

Motion Passes 5-0-0


IV.           Approval of Minutes –

Greg motioned to approve the minutes for 04/11/11.

Amber 2nd

Motion Passes 5-0-0


V.            Nomination of Officers –

Greg nominated Becca Martin for Vice President of Communications & Records.

David motioned to appoint Becca Martin as Vice President of Communications & Records, Andrew 2nd.

Motion Passes 5-0-0


Greg nominated Jayme Rudloff for Senator of Community & Academic Affairs.

Andrew motioned to appoint Jayme Rudloff as Senator of Communtiy & Academic Affairs.

Ikram 2nd

Motion Passes 5-0-0


VI.           Statements from the Gallery – Sherie Willan and Ron Waterhouse discussed a proposed event that they are a part of. They asked for ideas regarding this proposed event and were given instruction on directions to take and who to talk to.


Derrick talked about upcoming events with Vet’s Club: USO Dance May 14th, Informative Fair June 1st, and Fireworks Stands July 1st-4th.


VII.         Executive Reports -

President (Greg Taylor):
Announcements: Greg talked about the accreditation this week, reminding Council to make contact with Committee Heads to verify if they have meetings that they must attend.


President’s Cabinet: Greg will be attending.


Board of Trustees: N/A


Budget: N/A


Vice President of Communications & Records (Becca Martin):
Announcements: Becca thanked Council for this opportunity, and since she was just appointed had nothing more to say.


Library Advising: N/A




Elections: N/A


Vice President of Finance (David Quinton):
Announcements: David stated Budget letters of Allocation had gone out Thursday Night. As of yet, there were no appeals. Natalie asked David that since no one showed up for the Hispanic Latino Clubs budget meeting, could they appeal. It was recommended that she request Club Funds in the Fall from Council.


Budget: N/A


Technology Fee: David was informed the Committee was not going to happen without funding. If something changes and it does happen he will be contacted.


VIII.        Senator Reports -

Senator for Advocacy (Mohammad Ikram Khan):

Announcements: Is working with Jeremy and Cal on the fireside issue.


Tenure: N/A


Elections: N/A


Academic Review: N/A


Senator for Outreach (Jeremy West):
Announcements: Jeremy had nothing new since last meeting.


Safety: N/A




Diversity: N/A


Tenure: N/A


Senator for Community & Academic Affairs (Jayme Rudloff):
Announcements: N/A


Tenure: N/A




Advising: N/A


Faculty Excellence: N/A


Senator for Legislative Affairs (Andrew Bolton):
Announcements: Andrew’s reports were posted online. Andrew has been working on the Bylaws revisions and his Student Voice Academy Topic.


Speakers: N/A


Legislative: Sounds like legislature will be going into another special session.


Elections: N/A


Tenure: N/A


Senator for Clubs & Organizations (VACANT):
Announcements: N/A


Budget: N/A




Tenure: N/A


Senator for Promotions (Kameron Covall):
Announcements: Kameron’s reports were posted online. Kameron questioned about the interruption in orientation. Greg will be meeting with him and Becca Thursday to go through orientation.


Awards & Recognitions: N/A


Diversity: N/A


IX.           Advisor Report (Cal Erwin-Svoboda)

Cal spoke on the student participation of accreditation on Wednesday from 2-3pm in Room 2416. Cal will be busy with accreditation Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


X.            Unfinished Business -

A.    Elections Preparation

1.     Flyers: Kameron needs the papers from Greg to finish flyers and then they will be up tomorrow. Kameron will also be working on the website graphics also. Kameron brought up the PhotoShop software and having to go to Media Services everytime he wants to use PhotoShop. Kameron asked what it would take to get at least 2 more licenses for this office. Cal will check into it and report what he found next week.

Cal re-entertained this subject later in the meeting and stated that it would cost $45 to purchase a new license for PhotoShop.

Andrew motioned that we purchase 8-10 licenses for the office.

Kameron 2nd.

Motion passes 5-0-0

2.     Application Packets: Greg is working on the applications for elections. At this time 20 signatures are required and the applications for Senators, Secretary and Treasure are more geared towards skills for the positions. Greg made it a point to remind us that it is in the Bylaws that it is ALL OF OUR responsibilities to recruit people into vote on the election.

3.     Facility Use Forms: We had discussion about how many days to run elections. Andrew motioned to run the elections Wednesday-Thursday May 10th-11th.  Kameron 2nd.

Motioned Passes 6-0-0

Andrew will fill out the forms to reserve the HUB and two (2) tables for the two(2) days.

Greg will check to see if we can send out student wide email regarding elections and get back to us at next week’s meeting.

Hours for elections were tabled until next week.

4.     Button Distribution: We discussed giving out our “VOTE” buttons the week of May 5th and giving out “I VOTED” stickers or buttons for after a student votes.

Andrew motioned that we give out the “Vote” and “I voted buttons”.

Jeremy 2nd.

Motion Passes 6-0-0

Kameron will be designing a button for the “I VOTED” buttons.


XI.           New Business –


A.    Finalization of Position Description in New Bylaws – A 90 minute discussion was held regarding the complete revision of Article 1 of the Bylaws.

Andrew motioned that we approve the revisions to Artlicle 1 of the Bylaws with cleanup and changes discussed.

Kameron 2nd.

Motions Passes 4-0-1.

David abstains.


B.    Form Mayhem Committee & Establish Meeting Time – Meeting time was discussed. Mayhem Committee meeting will be Wednesday at Noon.


C.    Student Voice Topic Discussion – Andrew’s topic for discussion will be a Statement to the Legislature regarding retaining the admission number of in state students.

Kelly’s topic for discussion will be on the Cost of Textbooks and How we can get teachers to go to alternative forms, ie ebooks, open sources, etc.+

D.    Evaluate Student Council Meeting Time – Time and Day for meeting was discussed. Becca will check if she can switch A&P Labs for Thursday to accommodate a more favorable meeting time.

Andrew motioned for a one time meeting next week on Tuesday  at 4pm and re-examine next week.

Kameron 2nd.

Motion Passes 6-0-0

XII.         Announcements –

A.    Office Hours – Greg discussed the importance of being in the office when your times are listed.

B.    Committee Assignments – Greg reiterated the importance of making contact with Committee Chairs to verify accreditation meeting times if any.

C.    Streamline our Meetings – Greg and David discussed keeping all discussions that are not important to council out of the meetings. Greg is trying to get the meetings running as efficiently as possible.

D.    Online Weekly Reports – Greg reminded everyone to post their weekly reports at least two (2) days before the meeting so that if there is something that requires a lengthy discussion it can be appointed the amount of time it deserves in the meeting.


XIII.        Executive Session -


XIV.        Adjournment –


Andrew motioned to adjourn the meeting.

David 2nd

Motion Passes 5-0-0


Meeting adjourned at 5:26 PM April 25th, 2011

Council Minutes 042511

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 12:03 PM
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