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Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

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Subject:Council Mintues 04/21/2011

Council Meeting Minutes April 21st, 2011


I.              Call to Order -

The regular meeting of the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College was called to order at 3:09 PM on April 21th, 2011 in the West Wing Multi-Purpose Room by Daniel Juarez.


II.            Roll Call -


Daniel Juarez, President

Greg Taylor, Vice President of Communications & Records

David Quinton, Vice President of Finance

Mohammad Ikram Khan, Senator of Advocacy & Outreach

Andrew Bolton, Senator of Legislative Affairs

Amber Steward, Senator of Clubs & Organizations

Jeremy West, Senator of Community & Academic Affairs

Julie, Advisor Proxy



Kameron Covall, Senator of Promotions



                   Becka,Veterans Club

                  Derrick Hall, Vets Club

                  Jacob, Vets Club

                 Laurie, counseling center


III.           Changes to the Agenda -

Andrew motioned to approve the agenda pending the changes stated.

Greg 2nd

Motion Passes 6-0-0


IV.           Approval of Minutes –

Greg motioned to approve the minutes for 04/11/11.

Amber 2nd

Motion Passes 6-0-0


V.            Statements from the Gallery – Laurie came to represent Serenity Hall. The counseling center is planning a “freeing yourself from trauma” event and Laurie discussed some of the speakers who have been booked for the event. Laurie asked for a financial contribution from Student Council in the amount of $235.76. The total expenses are $435.76. The event is on May 5th, from 2-3:00.


David motioned to approve $235.76 for this event.

Greg 2nd

Motion Passes  6-0-0


Derrick presented Daniel Juarez with a Charlie Choker mirror for all his hard work for the vets club and for the campus this year. Daniel was very gracious.


VI.           Executive Reports -

President (Daniel Juarez):
Announcements: Daniel has had a very busy week with budget hearings earlier in the week. Daniel attended the last board of trustees meeting on Tuesday. Daniel officially resigned his position as of the end of this meeting. Daniel will be officially moving on to the University of Washington.


President’s Cabinet: Next Tuesday, Greg will be attending.


Board of Trustees: Things are going to be very tight in the coming years. Budgets are in a bad place right now, and Daniel recommended that more students start attending the board of trustees meetings to stay informed.


Budget: See Above.


Vice President of Communications & Records (Greg Taylor):
Announcements: Greg has been working furiously on the bylaws, again.


Library Advising: N/A




Elections: N/A


Vice President of Finance (David Quinton):
Announcements: David has been working on budgets for the last week and preparing the allocation emails to go out later tonight. David is trying to stay as current as possible with the bylaws committee.


Budget: N/A


Technology Fee: N/A


VII.         Senator Reports -

Senator for Advocacy (Mohammad Ikram Khan):

Announcements: Is working with Jeremy and Cal on the fireside issue.


Tenure: N/A


Elections: N/A


Academic Review: N/A


Senator for Outreach (Jeremy West):
Announcements: Jeremy apologized for missing the last two meetings.


Safety: N/A




Diversity: N/A


Tenure: N/A


Senator for Community & Academic Affairs (Vacant):
Announcements: N/A


Tenure: N/A




Advising: N/A


Faculty Excellence: N/A


Senator for Legislative Affairs (Andrew Bolton):
Announcements: Andrew has also been focused on bylaws. Everybody on council should be expecting bylaws to review in their email this weekend. Andrew is still in communication with Senator Hatfield and Hagg to have them here the second week of May.


Speakers: N/A


Legislative: N/A


Elections: N/A


Tenure: N/A


Senator for Clubs & Organizations (Amber Steward):
Announcements: Amber reminded everybody that she has officially reminded everybody that this is her last meeting. Amber is very proud of how the clubs have come together this quarter and has filed the facility use form for the next meeting. First Tuesday of May. Club fair went pretty well, a lot of people there, very few council members showed up. Amber thanked Kameron for his excellent help with the event. Amber still wants to be on the Mayhem committee, the tech fee committee, and the student review committee.


Budget: N/A




Tenure: N/A


Senator for Promotions (Kameron Covall): ABSENT


Awards & Recognitions: N/A


Diversity: N/A


VIII.        Advisor Report - Cal – ABSENT – Julie Proxy

Julie passed out a copy of the advisors report from Cal.


Greg, Kelly, and Andrew met earlier today to discuss the student voice committee and we expect to have them ready for review by Monday.


IX.           Unfinished Business -


X.            New Business –


1)     Bylaw Amendment – the discussion of the modification of Article II Section A-5, the presidential succession issue. Much discussion amongst council as to the ethical and logistical requirements of this modification. Julie also provided her input to the council.

1.    David motioned to approve the changes as written with modifications stipulated Article II SectionB-5. The new wording is

All students elected or appointed to the ASGHC Council can hold office for a total of eight quarters and can hold the same office for a maximum of six college quarters. Former and current ASGHC Presidents are not eligible to run for or hold any subsequent elective position of the ASGHC, unless the office of President shall have been attained through the resignation or removal of the preceding President during Spring Quarter of the academic year. In the event that an individual shall attain the office of President through the resignation of the previous President subsequent to the yearly officers election, but prior to the seating of the newly elected officers, such a President shall be eligible to serve in any office to which he or she has been or shall be elected or appointed during the subsequent academic year(s) after serving out the balance of his or her predecessor's Presidential term, subject to such other limitations as may be found elsewhere in these By Laws.

Andrew 2nd

Motion Passes 4-0-2

David and Greg Abstained.


2)     Voting Procedures – The various voting/election/selection options were discussed for a long time.

David motioned to run elections this year using the new system of electing president and vice president and selecting the rest of council.

Jeremy 2nd

Motion Fails   3-3-0


David motioned to run elections this year to elect the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary and select the rest of council.

Jeremy 2nd

Greg motioned to run elections this year as in past years.

No 2nd 

David amended his motion to run elections this year to elect the president, vice president, and three senators elected and select the treasurer and secretary.

Jeremy 2nd

Motion Passes 6-0-0

3)     GSA Funding Request – GSA has asked for council to donate the crappy paint in the office for their tye dye booth.

Greg motioned to donate the crappy paint

Andrew 2nd

Motion Passes 6-0-0


XI.           Announcements –


XII.         Executive Session -


XIII.        Adjournment –


Andrew motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Greg 2nd

Motion Passes 6-0-0


Meeting adjourned at 5:12 PM April 11th, 2011

Council Minutes 042111

Posted: 03 May 2011 04:08 PM
Originally Posted: 25 Apr 2011 01:03 PM
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