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Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

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Subject:Council Minutes 01/18/11

Council Meeting Minutes January 18th, 2011


I.              Call to Order:

The regular meeting of the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College was called to order at 3:31 PM on January 18th, 2011 in the 200 Board room by Daniel Juarez.


II.            Present:

Daniel Juarez, President

Greg Taylor, Vice President of Communications & Records

David Quinton, Vice President of Finance

Mohammed Ikram Ibrahim, Senator of Advocacy & Outreach

Kelly Schaffert, Senator of Advocacy& Outreach

Jasmine Dickhoff, Proxy For Andrew Bolton, Senator of Legislative Affairs

Holly Matteson, Senator of Promotions

Amber Steward, Senator of Clubs & Organizations

Cal Erwin-Svoboda, Advisor



Jeff O’Donnell, Senator of Community & Academic Affairs

Andrew Bolton, Senator of Legislative Affairs



Derek Hall, President of GHC Veterans Club & Auxiliary

Robert Hill, Student

Bree, Student


III.           Changes to the Agenda:

Greg motioned to approve the agenda pending the change stated.

Kelly 2nd.

Motion Passes 7-0-0


IV.           Approval of Minutes:

Greg motioned to table the approval of the minutes for 01/11/11 due to not all of council actually reading them prior to this meeting.

Jasmine 2nd

Motion Tabled


V.            Statements from the Gallery:

Derek presented the new GHC Veterans Club & Auxillary bylaws for approval.  Daniel said he would post the bylaws on our website for all council to review them prior to the next meeting.

VI.           Executive Reports:President (Daniel Juarez)
Announcements: Daniel asked who actually read the reports posted on the web. David, Greg, & Ikram did. Daniel’s schedule has changed and so his office hours will be changing.


Academic Review: Nothing new.


President’s Cabinet: January 26th @ noon.


Board of Trustees: Asked Greg to proxy at this meeting due to new class schedule.


Vice President of Communications & Records (Greg Taylor)
Announcements: Greg reminded everybody to do their online reports to streamline our meetings. Greg talked about what was discussed during the Board of Trustees meeting. Greg got special permission from Diane, Margo, and Keith to put up some very large advertising for the Rally and upcoming athletics events. Club fair went okay today, not all clubs showed up but the few that did were active and involved people well. Greg talked to Athletics and Spirit club about increasing attendance at future athletic events. Greg asked if council wanted to support this idea, general consensus is yes, no solid commitment was requested or offered yet. Greg will work on the idea for the next meeting.


Awards & Recognition: Nothing New.


Library Advising Committee:Nothing New.


Student Review Committee: Nothing New


Faculty and Staff Excellence: Nothing New.


CCC: Meeting: Next meeting first Tuesday of February.


Vice President of Finance (David Quinton)
Announcements: I am looking to have finalization on a solution for the technology issue by later this week.


Budget Committee: Nothing New.


Technology Fee: Nothing New.


Senator for Outreach (Mohammed Ikram Ibrahim)

Announcements: Ikram mentioned some ideas he had to improve council. Ikram suggested creating some sort of honorary wall for the top student in each class to be featured each quarter as a way to congratulate the hardest working student and share that with the student body. Ikram suggested doing a minute-to-win-it type game day to get some interaction with students and create a fun day with students that requires little money. Ikram, Amber, and Greg will work on planning this event.


Speakers Committee: N/A


Diversity Committee:N/A


Advising Committee: N/A


Senator for Advocacy (Kelly Schaffert)
Announcements: Kelly reminded everybody that mediation workshop was the next day.


Safety Committee: Missed meeting due to family emergency. Next meeting February 15th


CCC: Next meeting first Tuesday of February


Senator for Community & Academic Affairs (Jeff Odonnell) - Absent


Faculty Dismissal: N/A


Faculty & Staff Excellence:N/A


GHAB: None


Senator for Legislative Affairs (Andrew Bolton) – Jasmine Dickhoff, Proxy
Announcements: No new report.


Speakers Committee: Nothing new.


Legislative Committee:Nothing new.


Elections Committee: Nothing new.


Greg motioned to accept Jasmine Dickhoff as proxy for Andrew Bolton

Holly 2nd

Motion Passes 7-0-0


Senator for Clubs & Organizations (Amber Steward)
Announcements: Amber said she thinks club fair was great today, but wishes more clubs would have shown up. Amber apologized for not posting her weekly report.


Budget Committee: N/A


CCC:  Nothing New


Senator for Promotions (Holly Matteson)
Announcements: Holly made up a poster for the rally and will have it ready to put up ASAP. Kelly is working wth Holly to make a postcard for students who are unable to attend the rally to complete.


Awards & Recognitions: Nothing new.


Diversity Committee: Nothing new.


VII.         Advisor Report – Cal

Cal repeated his weekly report that was posted online for viewing. Will be attached to this document ASAP.


Remind council to pack the office prior to Thursday.


Next issue of Toilet Talk is coming out next week.


Cal asked who is going to Civics Week Kickoff in Olympia next Friday. Greg, Kelly, and Holly volunteered to go to the event.


At the rally next week we have arranged to do a public tour before the rally. Should be a great day. We have the space right now to take 49 people. Council discussed ideas to get people to go. Council agreed to go out to the hub next week and drum up as many people as possible.


Cal reminded everybody who wants bus training it is next week @ 1:00.


Greg motioned to move the next meeting to 4:00 to allow council members to attend van training.

Holly 2nd

Motion Passes 7-0-0


Holly will make the signs for the HUB to announce the altered meeting time.


VIII.        Unfinished Business


a)     Winter Fundraiser Update –David wrote a letter to the artists to send out ASAP and secure artwork. The art gallery in Hoquiam is going to support the event.David has five artists at the moment and a few more on campus yet to be contacted. David is asking Greg & Holly to have the mailouts done by February 10th. Drink and food status is currently unknown. Other council members were reminded of their duties in upcoming weeks. Greg asked Holly to contact the radio stations this week and arrange some on-air time for us about the event.


b)    Rally at the Capital – Discussed above.


IX.           New Business


a)     Election Committee – Awaiting finding the student members of this council.


b)    Student Success Conference – Ball got dropped, can’t get anything scheduled in time.


X.            Announcements:

Council discussed the possiblity of posting the recordings of the meetings online for everybody to reference.




Kelly motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Holly 2nd

Motion Passes 7-0-0


Meeting adjourned at 5:28 PM January 18th, 2011

Council Minutes 01/18/11

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 12:36 AM
Originally Posted: 22 Jan 2011 12:35 AM
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